On April 14, 2000, Ryan asked Marianna to marry him. After walking around with the ring he purchased a few weeks earlier, waiting for the right time, talking with his future mother-in-law and parents, and taking a deep breath, Ryan realized that it was time.

Ryan took Marianna out to dinner to a small restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, called Cajun Bangkok and stopped for some coffee and s'moreos at XandO.

When they returned to his apartment, while standing outside, Ryan told Marianna about how Peter Pan didn't want to grow up until he met a girl named Wendy and how he (Ryan) felt that she (Marianna) was his "Wendy." Then, Ryan pulled the ring from his pocket and asked Marianna to marry him, to which she obviously said, "Yes!"

On July 1st, Marianna's mother, Ruth Munson, hosted an Engagement Party in Dover, Massachusetts.

On September 14th, Ryan's parents, Joann Erenhouse & Ron & Elaine Erenhouse, hosted an Engagement Party in Washington, DC at the  Willard Inter-Continental Hotel.

Ryan, Marianna and the parents during dinner at the Willard
Ryan's mom and Marianna at the Willard
Marianna and Rep. Don Sherwood during the reception at the Willard
Ryan's dad and his cousins
Monique & Natalie
The family enjoy a relaxing brunch at The Dubliner the morning after the D.C. engagement party
Marianna's Grandmother Mrs. Blake and her Uncle Chris at the Willard

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